Club Facilities

The Australasian Pioneers’ Club does not have its own Club House rather we maintain our own Club Room and a point of presence at the Royal Automobile Club of Australia (RACA)

Most Club events are held at the RACA, where many of our large collection of paintings and pioneer-related artefacts are displayed.

The Australasian Pioneers’ Club holds an official function at least once a month and members meet informally every Tuesday for luncheon. Several of our annual functions are conducted jointly with the RACA.

The Australasian Pioneers’ Club can also provide corporate membership to the RACA thereby extending further club related benefits to our members such as city parking, accommodation, a business centre, restaurant and bar, a premium health club, NRMA roadside assistance and a long list of reciprocal clubs around the world.

The RACA is one of Sydney’s premier business and special interest Clubs, its heritage-listed Macquarie Street Club House, in which The Australasian Pioneers’ Club resides, provides a perfect social setting right in the heart of Sydney’s business and cultural scenes.


The Australasian Pioneers’ Club can be contacted here.




To comply with the Registered Clubs Act, attendance at Australasian Pioneers’ Club (APC) events must be booked in advance through either the APC office or the RACA Functions office. At all other times APC Club members who are not Corporate members of the RACA can only utilise the facilities of the RACA when in the company of, and signed in by, a RACA member or an APC Corporate Member of the RACA.

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